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Welcome to Grip Your Phone UK.

Our industry changing finger strap is suitable for any Mobile Phone.

Why should you buy a Grip Your Phone UK Mobile Finger Grip?

A great way to avoid dropping your phone - in other words our reasonable priced finger strap could potentially save you a fortune on screen repairs!

Less strain on the little finger - Phones are only getting bigger in size which is great but you all know we lean them on our fingers whilst struggling to use our phone! Grip Your Phone straps aid in navigating through your phone. Infact you can carry your phone and your coffee in one hand? Calm down being a show off!

But first let me take a #SELFIE - with our finger strap you can take photos and videos from much better angles with less fear of dropping your phone. 

What are you waiting for? Click here to get involved and #GetaGrip today.