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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Device compatible?
You can apply our Grip Your Phone Finger Strap to any mobile device, Such as your Phone, iPad, Tablets, or Kindle.

What is the size of Grip Your Phone Finger Strap?
Its approximately 6cm in length by 1.8cm in width.

Can you apply Grip Your Phone Finger Straps to phone cases?
In most cases yes of course you can! We cannot guarantee it will stick to your phone case without seeing it. We wouldn't suggest applying to silicone or leather or any uneven surface for obvious reasons.

Where do you stick the strap?
Our strap sticks with 3M branded double sided tape - that are supplied on the rear of our mobile grips, you simply remove the tape and stick the grip to the back of your mobile device.

Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide so what are you waiting for?

Is application easy enough?
It couldn't be easier - its a simple case of cleaning the area before removing the backing paper on the underneath of our finger strap and carefully placing onto your phone and holding in position for approximately 60 seconds before use to enable to adhesive to stick. We supply full instructions with every order.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us here.